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Makeup Necessities!

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The right makeup tools are as important in getting the look you want as the actual makeup itself.

The value of good makeup tools can never be overemphasized. Proper tools can make applying makeup much easier and faster. You will have greater control of your makeup and will be able to achieve a more natural and long-lasting look. Good tools will not only feel better on your skin, but will make the entire process all the more pleasant and enjoyable! And remember, if properly cared for, good brushes can last years.

How to determine if a brush is good quality?

Brushes should be soft and full, and should feel comfortable in your hand. Run your hand through the bristles. It is a bad sign if they come out readily (shed) and feel coarse on your skin.

The Essential Basics

MAKEUP: Well, duh! If you don't have any makeup yet, here are my suggestions for the bare minimum: liquid foundation, powder foundation, three complimentary colors of eyeshadow (light, medium, and dark), black eyeliner (I prefer pencil, especially if you're just starting out, but liquid will do just as well), black mascara, lipstick. You might as well also invest in some concealer, blush, white eyeshadow lip-liner, and lip-gloss.

SPONGES: There's much debate in the makeup world over whether it's better to apply foundation with a sponge or your fingers. Get a big bag of those little wedge-shaped ones, and if you have different foundations use one for each. Use the short side to apply foundation, and the edges to blend eyeliner or eyebrows, etc. Personally I apply liquid with clean fingers and powder with a sponge but its up to you.

SOME MAKEUP REMOVER WIPES: These are essential when you want to try out a new look or when you're just putting on your normal makeup!

BIG MAKEUP BRUSHES: You will need at least one of these for powder foundation and blush. I have one for each, as its easier to be subtle when applying blusher with a softer brush. Also, it's nice to keep colours out of your foundation brush so you don't have to keep cleaning it, and don't have to worry about accidently applying blush to your forehead.

EYESHADOW BRUSHES: When buying eyeshadow brushes, you will want one small rounded one which looks like a micro blusher brush, and a pointy edged one. The rounded one is used for covering the majority of the lid and the pointy one is for detail and the innermost part of your eye.

EYEBROW BRUSH: This is the one with a comb on one side and a flat set of brushes on the other (this is for your eyebrows). The mini comb is for separating your eyelashes after using mascara but i find this absolutely useless because the spaces in between are way to big. I found that a cheepo double sided nit comb (less than 99p in Wilko's) is the best option because they have one side with very small spaces inbetween the teeth and one side with slightly larger. The only downside is that you have to keep it clean, otherwise it will just get clogged with mascara.

LIP BRUSH: I personally dont use these but for those of you that want to know they are very small blusher-like brushes that help even out your lipstick. Becareful though because on cheap ones the hairs come out so its better to get that oh-so-slightly more expensive one.

SEPARATE PENCIL SHARPENER: Used for sharpening makeup pencils. Keep it separate unless you want pencil shapenings in your eye.

NEARBY HAIRBAND: To keep away your hair while working on your masterpiece. You'll regret not doing it when you get your hair stuck in your lipgloss.

BIGGEST MIRROR YOU CAN GET: It's no good having a mirror you can only see one eye in. Also try and get your hands on a magnifying one too although the thought is quite scary...

LARGE MAKEUP BOX: Use it to keep everything in so you don't lose your favourite eyeliner. Also buy a regular pencil pot to store all your lip glosses and pencils... very good idea.